“I have witnessed the power of Aevidum firsthand at all levels of our organization. Students have crossed over social cliques and socioeconomic groups to join together in this worthy cause of caring about each other.”

  • School superintendent



“It has been so worthwhile to have a group dedicated to making students more aware of mental health issues and to promote the idea that we all are here to help each other. The activities this year have helped to improve the overall school climate in our building.”

  • Middle school Aevidum advisor



“Aevidum’s message of hope led to a high school student telling us that she was ready to overdose until she sat in one of our assemblies. She was so encouraged by Aevidum that she felt supported and hopeful and willing to get help.”

  • High school Aevidum advisor



Aevidum brings students together and creates a culture of kindness in schools that is inclusive and safe. Aevidum also encourages students to recognize their own gifts and talents and use them to improve the lives of others.”

  • High school Aevidum advisor



“I have never seen a program transform a school as quickly and as effectively as Aevidum. Its “I’ve got your back” message resonates directly with the students. Aevidum should be in every school in the nation. It really works!”

  • High school teacher



“Tough topics like depression and suicide become much more approachable when the information comes from a friend. Aevidum is definitely changing the way youth view mental health talk and making it easier to open up, get help, and be there for friends in need.”

  • Aevidum student



“Aevidum paves the way for a culture and community of caring individuals to recognize those who are in need of help and to make sure these students get what they need to shatter the stigma associated with their struggles. Aevidum has changed my life, and I have seen it change the lives of others because we provide something that is too often unnoticed in the world: hope.”

  • Middle school teacher



“This club saved my life. Aevidum gave me a purpose. Counseling helped, but actually being able to help people and save lives helped so much with my healing process.”

  • Aevidum student