Aevidum empowers students by introducing them to motivated, caring adults who create nurturing environments that encourage students to use their gifts and talents to help themselves and their peers.


Aevidum has created a variety of energizing, creative, student-driven programs to meet the specific needs of each age group. Please click on the different programs to learn more:



Little Aevidum for Elementary Schools

In 2013, Landisville Primary Center in Hempfield School District (Pennsylvania) became the first elementary school in the country to adopt Aevidum. The program, called Little Aevidum, was created by LPC’s school counselor, Mike Resh, who developed monthly classroom lessons that teach students about themes like empathy, caring, how to help others, signs of sadness, how to be a good friend, critical thinking, and problem solving. Aevidum is excited to be able to offer the Little Aevidum program free-of-charge to schools for the 2016-2017 school year.


At the elementary level, the concept of Aevidum helps to teach kids about the importance of supporting and caring for each other. Students are connected to their classmates and teachers in a powerful and committed relationship of support and compassion. Students learn to recognize signs of sadness in others as well as themselves. With this information, they will also then learn what to do in order to help have someone’s back during emotional times. Finally, students will be empowered to search for and find their own strengths and life gifts, allowing them to learn about what makes each of them special and unique.


The Little Aevidum program is made up of eight lessons:


Lesson 1: Who can I turn to when I don’t feel 100%?

Lesson 2: Feelings and Emotions

Lesson 3: Strengths and Interests

Lesson 4: Empathy

Lesson 5: Goal Setting

Lesson 6: Caring and Compliments

Lesson 7: Anxiety and Coping Skills

Lesson 8: Review!

Lesson 9: OPTIONAL: Buddy Bench!


Lesson 1 is currently available and the other lessons will be released throughout this school year. If you would like to bring Little Aevidum to your school, please complete this application: Aevidum Application Form. A representative from Aevidum will contact you shortly to provide access to the materials.


Aevidum for Middle & High Schools

Aevidum began at the high school level and quickly traveled to the middle school level. At the middle and high school level, Aevidum uses a club model to spread its student-generated materials.


Our philosophy is clear: if we recruit educators who care and give them a chance to inspire and empower, just imagine what our world will be. Aevidum embraces youth and we won’t stop until the educators we reach, reach the students they teach. Those empowered young minds, using their gifts and voices, will make change – authentic change that educates, inspires, and transforms. Our students don’t always have to say, “I’ve got your back.” But they’ll always feel it. And know when to do it. This is Aevidum! And it means everything.


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AevidumU for Colleges & Universities

Aevidum exists at several colleges and universities in a variety of forms. At the college level, Aevidum’s “I’ve got your back” message assists students in seeking help for themselves and for their friends. While some schools incorporate Aevidum campaigns into already-existing programs and department activities, others create Aevidum as a club or student organization.


Colleges have adopted Aevidum in the folllowing ways:

  • Millersville University framed their 2014 Freshman Orientation around Aevidum and used its “I’ve got your back” message as the core of that year’s freshman convocation.
  • The Aevidum club at Penn State University hosted a mental health awareness event and worked to help create a suicide prevention training for pre-service teachers.


If you would like to bring AevidumU to your school, please complete this application: Aevidum Application Form. A representative from Aevidum will contact you shortly to provide access to AevidumU materials.


Aevidum Mental Health Curriculum

Aevidum is proud to be making its free Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Curriculum available to all schools during the 2016-2017 school year. The curriculum, which has been developed and piloted over the past four years, was created by a team of school counselors, school principals, teachers, and psychiatrists. It meets the standards recommended by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to complete the requirements of Act 71.


If you would like the Aevidum Curriculum materials, please contact us at An Aevidum representative will contact you shortly to provide access to download the materials.



Explore Aevidum Campaigns


Awareness Games


Aevidum recognizes the value of athletic teams in creating healthy environments. During Aevidum awareness games, student athletes wear Aevidum shirts while they warm up, place Aevidum decals on their helmets, wear bright yellow shoelaces, etc. Banners and posters are placed throughout the gymnasium or field to raise awareness of the “I’ve got your back” message. Students share public service announcements before the game and/or during halftime and provide printed resources to every individual who attends. In January of 2016, Warwick High School in Lititz, Pennsylvania held Awareness Games at a basketball double-header. Check out this Aevideo where Warwick Aevidum members provide details and instructions about hosting your own Awareness Games.


Other schools have also hosted successful Awareness Games:

Cocalico High School Aevidum Lacrosse Tournament

Cocalico High School Aevidum Lacrosse Tournament



ELCO Middle School Aevidum Soccer Games
ELCO Middle School Aevidum Soccer Games



Hollidaysburg Area High School Aevidum Football Games
Hollidaysburg Area High School Aevidum Football Games


Empowerment Posters

Aevidum is only as strong as those it represents. Created Empowerment Posters to highlight people from a variety of social circles demonstrating what Aevidum inspires them to do. Select students with diverse talents who represent a variety of social circles, cover a range of activities, and positively represent “I’ve got your back.” This will show your school community that everyone is accepted, appreciated, acknowledged, and cared for. Recruit student photographers and designers to photograph the students in action and create the posters. Print the posters and display them throughout your school and community.





It’s in My Cell

Aevidum strives to make sure all people know that someone has their back and someone cares about them. Even when it feels like you’re alone, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is always available and ready to take your call. Aevidum encourages all schools to participate in the “It’s in My Cell” campaign.


The goal of the campaign is simple: get all students to have the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number and the Crisis Text Line number in their cell phones.


The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1-800-273-TALK (8255) is a free, confidential, and anonymous hotline that is available 24/7. Anyone can call about any issue – no problem is too big or too small. All calls are routed to local crisis centers where trained counselors answer the calls. You can call for yourself or for resources or advice about a situation with a friend. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline also has instant messaging available through their website,


The Crisis Text Line offers free, 24/7 support for those in crisis. Text 741741 from anywhere in the USA to text with a trained Crisis Counselor.


Cocalico High School in Denver, Pennsylvania created a series of posters to get the Lifeline number out to all students.


Aevidum at Central York High School in York, Pennsylvania adapted the campaign and distributed this list of 10 Numbers Every Teenager Should Have in Their Phone.



Safe Seating


Every student deserves to feel like the school cafeteria is a safe and welcoming place. Create “safe seating” – a clearly labeled table that welcomes any student who may not have a comfortable place to sit during lunch. Have different club members sit at the table to welcome anyone who may feel alone so all students know that they’re cared about and someone has their back.


Check out this article from Lancaster Online about safe seating, which was created by Lampeter-Strasburg High School:


Hands Across the School

Cut out a paper handprint representing each student in your school. Write the name of a student on each one to show that everyone matters. Make sure every student is included and display the hands throughout your school to remind everyone that they are welcomed, accepted, and cared for, and to acknowledge their roles within your school.